Hi, I’m Robin, a wife and a mother of 3 children. I do my best to manage our tree house. I have the pleasure of staying home with my children. I am a city girl that is living in the country and enjoying every minute of it. Except, of course, the bugs. I have a deep fear of bugs. Small, medium, or large bugs cause me to scream and run. I do not discriminate among the bugs. I fear them all!

Inspired by nature and the country life. I enjoy do-it-yourself projects. I love to re purpose items that others would give away or throw away. And I find great pleasure in cooking from scratch as much as possible. If I can make it I try not to buy it. I am also trying very hard to turn my thumb green and learn how to sew.

I am a vegetarian (the rest of my family are not vegetarians). I choose organic and earth friendly foods and products as much as possible. We use cloth reusable towels in place of paper towels and I garden without the use of any harmful chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers. Slowly but surely I continue to add more eco friendly practices into our home.


The Hubby, he is the love of my life and my best friend. He is an extremely talented fabricator. He definitely is not afraid of hard work. Although, is mowing the lawn with a ride on mower, an iced cold beer in the cup holder, and the music cranked up, really work? He claims it is…this is still up for debate. I personally think it’s his version of my tub full of bubbles and a good book. What do you think?


Together my husband and I have three children. The first born of our children is our Monkey. She passed away in 2013 at 14 years of age from medical complications. Her nickname came from her long arms and legs that she flung about when she was excited and happy. This happened more often than not. She was beautiful and could light up the darkest room with her smile. Her laughter was contagious and her inner strength was incomparable. She was a special needs child with severe global disabilities caused by having abnormal chromosomes. She was diagnosed with a 1p36.3 chromosome deletion and an inverted X chromosome. She is missed greatly.


Our middle child is Bubba. He is 6 years old and now in first grade. Bubba is a goofball, he loves to make others laugh. He enjoys spending time with dad either in the fabrication shop or riding his quad. He is a huge fan of all the transformers. He has his own welding helmet that is painted like Bumblebee. Bubba is also our chicken whisperer. If he is in the backyard he cannot pass on holding a chicken. He just loves the chickens.


Our youngest is our little Cowgirl Princess. She is 4 years old, in kindergarten and should always be wearing a tiara. She demands attention, in most aspects of life. She loves to put on concerts and dance routines in our living room. We often respond to her with “yes, your royal cuteness”. She is adorable, an animal lover, adventurous and full of dramatic attitude. Her favorite thing to wear is her sparkly cowgirl boots. She wants us to have a farm, and loves to ride horses with her Granddad.


We also have two dogs Bella, and Tilly that curl up in the roots of our tree. Bella is a Golden Retriever, while Tilly is a Golden Shepard (Golden Retriever and German Shepard mix). Bella is not a fan of car rides, but has a stealth like talent for stealing freshly made bread off the counter. She seems to have a serious carbohydrate addiction. Tilly was named by the Cowgirl Princess and is not a fan of the Cowgirl Princess leaving during the weekdays for school. Tilly and the Cowgirl Princess are attached at the hip until the Cowgirl Princess goes to sleep. Then Tilly is attached to my hubby.

We have raised goats in the past, but after having to put down our favorite goat Hershey recently due to a dog attack (not our dog) we have decided not to raise goats for the time being. We get very attached to all of our animals. We have chickens left which we enjoy and love to get the fresh eggs from, delicious.


Our laundry pile is high, my vacuum is always running, and the kitchen never closes. I’m nestled in and enjoying life, as long as my morning is started with coffee.

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